Save money. Go old school. Speak to promote your business.
The cheapest way to build authority and market your business as a solopreneur is speaking!

Okay… 75% of  the population struggle with a fear of public speaking. But those who use it as a marketing tool for their business:

  • Increase their brand authority online and offline quickly
  • Are seen as experts in their industry
  • Increase the number of clients they get to impact
  • Make new business connections and acquaintances
  • Make their name memorable
Still skeptical about speaking to promote your solopreneur business… so let’s talk about your marketing budget!

When it comes to marketing, are you finding that:

  • You cannot keep up with the monthly expenses of hiring out your marketing
  • Your revenue is a “hit or miss” while your bank account and credit card are working overtime
  • You are spending many hours networking and having to convince people you are an authority
  • You are frustrated with the time it is taking to move your brand and grow your business
  • You are ready to open the doors to opportunities to make an impact with your talent
In full disclosure… I avoided speaking like the plague! I just did not want to do it, but things started happening when I did…

After getting very frustrated with the slow growth of my business… and completing burning out on social media marketing… I listened to my mentors and started speaking.

I was a brand new solopreneur and there was no marketing budget. I was bootstrapping my business using my personal finances and there just wasn’t any money to hire a social media manager nor pay for the more expensive marketing tools out there. I was making some progress with social media, but it seemed as if I was burning through valuable hours not making any money.

But in my ear, everyone who believed in me told me to stop wasting time, and my money, and start speaking. Heck yes, I was scared, but I was hitting a wall and knew that speaking was the last thing to try. There first few speaking gigs were “ehh,” but when I started getting better, some expected things started happening:

  • I was instantly seen as an expert when it came to finances
  • Entrepreneurs I admired wanted to start working, and partnering, with me to share my message to their audiences
  • I started getting referred to event coordinators as a reliable and knowledgeable speaker
  • I got complimented on my ‘brand’ and never realized I had on

Not only was I starting to become an authority, my business started to flourish:

  • I was able to convert 40% of my audience to email list
  • My business thrived on discovery sessions and I was booking them left and right
  • Some people who saw me speak up to 3 times, eventually converted into paying clients

Of course… I was sold on speaking and the other thing I realized… I did not spend any money doing this while I put my heart into growing my business!

…And this is why I created the B.L.A.B. Program! As a solopreneur, your dollars are like mine… STRETCHED! If I can build authority by speaking, you can absolutely do it as well.
Here is a breakdown of the program that will:

Build your authority

Make you an expert instantly

Bring in more clients

Increase your revenue

Establish Your Foundation
In this initial session, we will set the foundation and get a better understanding of your business when it comes to adding speaking as a marketing tool. We will review your niche, or target market, what you can expect from the B.L.A.B program, and how much time you will need to budget to make this a success for your business.
Getting Organized and Creating the List
In this session, we will review ways to stay organized when it comes to researching potential gigs! Based on your niche, we will look at strategies of where to start looking, who to ask, and hacking social media to build an amazing list.
Selecting Gigs with Budget and Audience in Mind
Together we are going to step through your entire list of potential speaking gigs and find the ones with the right audience and fit within your budget! We will review opportunities based on the audience, requirements, and the financial needs. Remember our goal is to get gigs that cost us no money!
Craft Your Talking Points into Your Sales Funnel
In this session, we are getting into the heart of what will make you an authority. We are going to take some time to brainstorm what you need to put together a great talk and making sure your audience will remember you. We will also tackle your sales funnel, making sure your audience knows what’s next.
Building Resources to Make You Look More Attractive
Graphic designers, virtual assistants, booking agents… all cost money. In order to get your first handful of speaking gigs, we are going to cover the simple resources you need, (without spending any money), that will make you look like a pro when pitching for speaking gigs. In this session we will cover how to create your speaker-one sheet, craft your free opt-in, and review your bio within an effective time and money budget.
Nailing Down Your Follow Up Strategy
The fortune is in the follow up and so is your ability build authority. Unfortunately, we will never have enough time to go deep into crafting a beautiful follow-up strategy, but we will cover the basics. We will make sure you have a strategy for following-up on speaking gigs, prospects that opted-in, and those that have shown interest in your services.
Pitching your First 10
In our final session, we are going to just go for it! We are going to do a final review of your list, make sure you have your resources together, and prepare to pitch for your first 10 speaking gigs! We will go over simple email strategies to get your emails read by a decision makers, filling out speaker applications, and being on-call to fill in as a speaker.
Your investment includes you getting…

DIY or 1:1, Your choice on how you want to be guided


PDF Cheat Sheets and Guides for each lesson


Live classes and Q&A sessions


Recorded sessions for future reference


Student registration to Budget School


Lifetime access to modules and lessons

Your budget friendly, priceless investment starts at $199

On the fence and not sure if this is for you… let’s get real…

As a solopreneur coach, consultant, or freelancer… I completely understand that you are saying… “this is great, but I don’t have the money for this…”

I completely get it that dishing out more money right now just isn’t in the cards, but if you are:

  • Burnt out trying to hack your way, and build your brand, through social media marketing
  • You are being overlooked by other business inlfuencers when you know you can add value to their platform
  • you are getting frustrated with figuring out your income producing activities
  • Overwhelmed with so much information that it feels like you are getting more stuck versus moving forward
  • Tired of feeling as if things are so complicated in your business

This program is for you! It absolutely helps you focus on the “what’s next’ in your business and leads to more people seeing you as an expert they need to work with… RIGHT NOW!

Your enrollment is an investment in your business…

Not sure which is right for you…

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