Earbuds & Walking Shoes: The Ultimate Podcast List for Solopreneurs on the Move

Jun 12, 2017

Grab you earbuds and put on those walking shoes! It is time to expand that solopreneur brain of yours!

When it comes to being in charge of a solopreneur business, every now and then you need to exercise your brain… mentally and physically! Walking is the best way to stay active and listening to a podcast show is a great way to take your mind off of your business, learn something new, and get inspired. Of course, the Budget School podcast is on your playlist, but after that you may need more!

The Budget School Team is creating the ultimate playlist that supports you in your business, but also letting your mind take a break and have some audio fun. This list will be updated when we come across something that you cannot miss! Of course, we love any and all suggestions!

#1 The Making Oprah Podcast

This three episode podcast is pretty amazing when it comes to learning about the Queen of daytime television. From starting her show with no strategy (which made millions) to putting on blinders and not paying attention to the competition, go behind the scenes of the making of The Oprah Show emiire. If you want to get motivated, hear what is like to start from nothing, and get create ultimate intention for your business, this is the podcast you want to listen when you out on those walking shoes! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

#2 Do Webinars Still Work in 2017? from The Fempreneur Show

The hosts from this show answer the question that we are all wondering about when it comes to bringing in new business through webinars. Are they relevant in 2017? Yes they are, but with a twist. This show is about 18 minutes and to the point with giving you new ideas on how to do webinars without boring an audience and that the 2-hour webinar is over… thank goodness. If you are looking to add webinars to your sales cycle in 2017, this is a playlist must. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

#3 Love & Business: How to Make it Work from Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is the online marketing genius who helps people launch online businesses. But on this particular podcast, she opened up, with her husband, about the ups and downs of keeping a relationship together while jumping into the crazy life of business. Her husband is open to his feelings about not being the breadwinner in the home and not being the one getting all of the attention. This is a great 60 minute show that will clock you a couple of miles while learning what you can do to improve your relationships! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

This list living! So check back on a regular basis to see that latest to build your play list!

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