How to Fend Off Extreme Burn Out with Creativity with Jacki Cox

Aug 4, 2017

Entrepreneurs are inherently creative with the ideas, plans, and dreams that live in our lives… but we tell ourselves that we are not creative and that outlet is sorely missed when seeking balance.  But if your shoulders are feeling tense; Or you find yourself zoning out when talking to people. You may be burning out when it comes to your business. Listen to Episode 10 of the Budget School Podcast as Budgetologist, Phylecia Jones, and Guest Host Jacki Cox talk about how to use creativity to attract more business, have more fun in your life, and avoiding getting burned out. Tune in to the podcast and learn:


  • The signs you might be burning out in your business
  • What happens when creativity is not a part of your business life
  • How to be creative, even when you don't think you are creative
  • How to incorporating creativity to fend off any potential burn out

Having a creative outlet for your life is important for the health of your sanity and your business!

Meet our Guest Host: Jacki Cox, is The Founder of Swirls and Licensed Coach with The Results Map. Jacki helps entrepreneur women brush through the barriers and create a balanced business and life.

She launched Swirls LLC in April 2014 as a mobile paint and sip business, and wanted a deeper level of creativity she could help others with. Today, Swirls is creative coaching and painting business where Jacki helps entrepreneur women brush through the barriers by unleashing their creative potential, and becoming more balanced in their business and life.

Jacki is married and a proud mom of two furry kids. She has a passion for traveling, painting, photography and hiking and living a life of adventure, balance and creativity.

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