How to Prepare Your Personal Finances to Run a Solopreneur Business

Jun 16, 2017

When your personal lifestyle starts out spending what your business is making… you will a lot of problems! When solopreneurs start a brand new business, many never take the time to adjust their personal spending which usually leads to taking money from the business to support a lifestyle that cannot afford.
Again… it happens! You don't know, what you don't know until it smacks you in the face… and that is what happens when it comes to managing money. If you are ready to make some moves with your personal finances while running your business, tune in to the podcast and learn Tune in to the podcast and learn:
  • How to evaluate your lifestyle priorities
  • Why having a conversation with your spouse/partner is crucial to your financial success
  • How having a part-time job is not bad thing
  • What your home needs to survive while you run your business

When it comes to secret life of solopreneur money, you can be pulled in many directions, but understanding all aspects of your money is important. From knowing the financial needs of your home to controlling your personal spending, balancing the worlds of personal and business money is important… and you have the skills to do it!

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