Creating Opportunity Days in Your Business

Jun 23, 2017

In order to have a healthy budget, you must have a source of income and that comes down to your ability to create opportunities for your solopreneur business. In this episode of the Budget School Podcast, things get a bit preachy! Phylecia goes into how and why you need to create opportunities to get your name out into the world. Learn what you can do right now to schedule a day for opportunities and how to find them in overlooked places. Tune in to the podcast and learn:


  • Exactly what is an Opportunity Day
  • How to organize your calendar and day so that you can create opportunities
  • Hidden places to find missed opportunities such as your inbox
  • How taking your PR in your own hands will help get your name out into the world

It is officially time for you to stop looking at everyone else and wondering how they “got lucky” in their business. The secret is that they were not afraid to reach out and create opportunities. You have the ability to do this as well… besides, your budget needs you to whatever it takes to feed it consistently.

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