Understanding YOUR money on YOUR own terms at YOUR own pace.

Welcome to the School of Budgetology

Solo business start up each month


Of the startup money comes from personal savings and credit cards


Business owners get denied more than once for bank loans

Is the average amount you will invest in your dream

So how are you managing your money, growing your business and living your life at the same time?

You started your business to make money. Not drain your bank account.

You quit your 9-to-5 for a better life… to be successful in business, make a difference, travel, pay off debt and provide for your family. You did not get into business to burn all of your cash and stress out over money.

Understanding money on your own terms at your own pace!

Upgrade your financial skills by learning quick, easy, and non-complicated, personal and business money management systems while you are growing your business.

Increase your personal wealth, and cash flow, by maintaining a healthy budget with a business that makes money… consistently.

Get accountability and doses of money mindset positivity to keep you on track and focused when it comes to being successful with your money, life, and business.

Create a new money story… and have a successful business at the same time!

Craving a shame free, money positive environment? We got you!


Classes are now open! Enroll and get instant access to the Student Lounge, accountability videos, live classes, webinars and sneak previews.


Lifetime access. Eight classes, live lectures, Q&A sessions, workbooks, and cheat sheets… all yours once you enroll.


We believe in your privacy and the ability to have a judgement free environment. You share what you want to share, when you want to share. No pressure… understanding money on your own terms.

Thrive in your business by making smart and confident money decisions.

Welcome to the 8 Core Classes in the School of Budgetology

Who You Serve and Why

Create Your TRUE Break Even Number

Creating Your Lifestyle Salary

Start Your Budget & Pay Yourself First

Charge What's Required

Know the Numbers in Your Business

Evaluating Your Business Expenses

Consistently Fund Your Budget

Create a solid foundation for your financial success

Budgetology 101: Who You Serve and Why

Get ready to create a solid foundation, because being able to stay motivated by your purpose and who you serve, is at the core of being able to tackle and manage your finances. In this Budgetology Foundation course, you will dig into why you do what you do, who you serve, and why they absolutely need your talent. This helps to keep you  motivated and focused on the financial task at hand.

Budgetology 102: Creating Your Lifestyle Salary

Are you ready to not work for free in your business?! Then this 102 Budgetology Foundation course helps you to start getting REAL with what you  need to bring home to pay the bills and keep everyone in your house hold happy! You will design a custom salary and outline your unique lifestyle needs while you are building and running your business.

Budgetology 201: Charge What's Required

Officially stop giving your goodies away for free! You are excited to work and serve your clients, but you do not have to undermine your talent and not charge what you are worth. In this Budgetology Expense Management lesson, you will detail everything you sell and how much you spend to determine if you are charging enough… or what you are worth!

Upgrade Your Financial Skills Instantly

Budgetology 202: Evaluating Your Business Expenses

Even if you don’t make a sale… you still have bills to pay to run your business. If you are stuck between understanding if you are re-investing in your business or simply burning holes in your credit card, then this Expense Management 202 class is what you need! You will be able to see where all of your money is going… and finally make some smart decisions on how you should be spending to support your business.

Budgetology 301: Create Your TRUE Break Even Number

What does it truly take for you to make money in your business? In this 301 Tools & Systems class, you will stop making numbers up when it comes to sales goals and find your TRUE Break Even number so that you can keep your business running and give yourself the salary you deserve! BONUS: Learn how to properly calculate savings… crap happens and the government wants to celebrate a piece of your success!

Learn the Tools and Systems to Stay on Top of Your Money

Budgetology 302: Start Your Budget & Pay Yourself First

If you were in love with your budget, and giving yourself a salary, you probably would not be reading this right now… so let’s learn how to budget in a fun, quick and easy way so you can focus on your business growth. In Budgetology 302, you will learn how to set up a budget that will help you stay on top of your money management. Additionally, you will learn how to be effective with cash flow, know where every dollar is going, and how to pay yourself first!

Budgetology 303: The Important Numbers in Your Business

Stop saying you are not good at Math… by default as a business owner, Math is your best friend and knowing which numbers to pay attention to is your top priority. In Budgetology 303, you will go beyond your revenue goals. Focusing on conversions, profit margins, return on investment, client targets, and more, is what will make you a strategic, smart, and very confident business owner.

Budgetology 401: Consistently Fund Your Budget for Cheap

In order to maintain a healthy and happy budget, you need to feed it consistently! In this 400 level Making Money class, you will get a CFO and Budgetologist view on how to get out there and tell the world you exist… so you can make money. Learning the cheap, easy, and less time consuming ways to market and get new clients is what will make you stand out from everyone else in the crowd.

Alisa, Brand Baker and Marketing Chef, Testimonial
Donna, Web Designer and Brand Consultant, Testimonial

Speed Up Your Business Success

Electives: How to Make Money

As a bootstrapping business owner, you wear many different hats, but it comes down to how you are able to generate income in a strategic fashion. Budget School will bring in some of the top industry experts when it comes to helping you make money! From follow-up, to business growth, to online and offline marketing, we will have you covered so that you can get a taste of the many ways you can be strategic in your business.

Electives: Staying Healthy and Having Fun

If you are not having fun… then maybe that 9-to-5 is what you need! As a business owner, you need to take care of yourself, because if you are not healthy, not having fun, your business will reflect that. Our health and fun experts, and electives, will be there to remind you of when it is time to step away and reconnect with yourself.

Jacki, Creativity and Business Coach, Testimonial
Melissa, Stylist and Consultant, Testimonial

8 high impact classes released weekly

Expert guest lectures and events

Lifetime access to classes and platform

On-campus live events and workshops

Instant access to the Student Lounge

Monthly live video Q&A sessions

Questions? Here are some answers.

Is this program right for me?

Yes, if you are ready to get ahead of your business finances while not ruining your personal finances at the same time.

Who is this program for?

Even though this program is a good fit for most people, it is especially for coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs. So, if you find that you are running a solo business, you are bootstrapping using your personal funds, and you are looking for affordable business and financial advice.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds for enrolling in Budget School so make sure it is an investment you are ready to make. Since you have lifetime access to the classes, you can learn when your schedule is open.

Is a payment plan available?

No payment plans are available at this time.

Will I have to reveal my business or personal financial information?

Absolutely not! We do not collect any business or personal finance information and you will not be required to share any information with us.

Is there a guarantee that I will increase my revenue or income?

This is not a “get rich quick scheme, nor a “get rich scheme.” You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business. Every effort to accurately present each program has been taken. None of the programs have a guarantee or promise of earnings. Your level of success in attaining results is dependent upon a number of factors including your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, commitment, and business savvy.

Is this an accounting, bookkeeping, or financial advisor program?

Budget School is owned by Keep Up with Mrs. Jones LLC and we are not an accounting firm, nor a bookkeeping service, nor are we a financial advising firm. We are not affiliated or partnered financially with any said firms.

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