Your Solopreneur Money vs Quarterly Taxes with Guest Host Chyla Graham

Jul 28, 2017

Taxes! The subject every business owner loves to hate. As a solopreneur, when to pay quarterly taxes… or taxes in general, can be a mystery. On this episode of the Budget School Podcast, Budgetologist, Phylecia Jones, interviews Accountant, CPA, and part-time trapeze artist, Chyla Graham of CCNRG Accounting Advisery. Together, they dive into when to pay quarterly taxes, how to create an estimate and some red flags to watch out for when your tax management goes wrong.Tune in to the podcast and learn:
  • Why you should do tax planning even if your business is new
  • How to prepare and estimate your quarterly taxes
  • Why you need to put money away now to be ready if you owe taxes
  • When to call your accountant, CPA, even if you do your own taxes

If you are confused, or unsure, on when to pay taxes… especially quarterly taxes, then do you not want to miss out on this show and learn about why tax planning is important to your business.

Meet our Guest Host: Chyla Graham, President of CNRG Accounting Advisory, LLC, is your chief resource manager, helping you navigate the accounting and fiscal tightrope of small business owners and nonprofit organizations.

With almost a decade under her belt as a certified CPA, she enjoys being a resource for her clients to draw on. She provides the back office support and (re)structuring that they need. Chyla gives them the time to work efficiently on the projects they love. How does she stand out? She flies trapeze, for a start. Yes really. Chyla has integrated flying trapeze into her off time for years, and has seen how it’s process flows right into her philosophy of business success.

Working with solopreneurs and small business owners, Chyla uses her 10+ years as an accountant to first
understand their long-range plans, and then identifies the barriers to their financial goals. She dives into the systems, training, processes, procedures, staff, and emotions of a business to strategize a workable plan for her clients to use as a guide. Then she works with them in actionable steps, prioritizing and implementing as a partner to keep their business running smoothly. By starting with the end in mind, Chyla, and CNRG ensures that the financial decisions her clients make today STAY in place as end goals for the future.

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